About Our Company


When corporations upgrade, dispose, or close locations the IT assets can turn into liabilities. The information on the IT assets is often overlooked and there is a need to dispose of the confidential information left on the hard drives. The problem is so prevalent; there are actually several laws in place to ensure companies adhere to the same high standards in protecting data when disposing of electronic components: HIPAA, HITECH, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLB, and FACTA. Fines for not complying can be in the millions of dollars.

Simply erasing the information on a hard drive is not good enough. There are programs that can erase data, but some just delete the temporary files on the drive and the actual data remains and that could leave you exposed. There are software programs that will restore information on the targeted hard drive. These programs can get into the wrong hands and give people access to your most confidential files.

Physical data destruction by shredding hard drives is the only 100 % absolute destruction method available – but data destruction is only one aspect of a complete hard disk drive disposal process. There are complicated regulatory compliance issues, data privacy, legal and environmental requirements that must also be managed. Failure to construct and implement a complete disposal process can result in serious organizational liability. Assured Document Destruction can supply your organization with a complete secure IT destruction policy that will help comply with these regulations.

Assured Document Destruction offers the highest possible security for both off-site and on-site hard drive destruction. We can shred any type and size of hard drives into tiny particles. We offer a variety of shred sizes down to 10mm to comply with any data destruction regulation or mandate. Our shred size is the smallest in the industry. Our mobile hard drive destruction trucks can be deployed to any location across the country, where you can watch as we destroy hard drives and any other media or products. For smaller quantities of media, we offer off-site destruction with our Ship and Shred options.


Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, Assured Document Management is a privately held; full-service records management company serving the needs of businesses, service professionals, and non-profit organizations of all sizes. The company was started in 2000 with 1 shredding truck and has grown to offer Hard Drive Destruction, On & Off-site Shredding, Records Management, Document Scanning/Document Imaging, and Data Vaulting.

Assured Document Management has the experience, technology and facilities to manage every aspect of a document’s life cycle, from creation to destruction. All information is always in the hands of highly trained professionals. We conveniently pick up and deliver documents as requested. Equally, our vehicles and facilities are well equipped with the technology and security measures necessary to safeguard your documents.


Assured Document Management is committed to providing essential strategies that maximize flexibility and cutting edge technology while offering a cost effective solution to every customer. Assured Document Management will meet the expectations of our clients to deliver the right information, to the right person, in a timely fashion every time. We are dedicated to quality control and security measures to protect information from inappropriate use, permanent loss, or extended unavailability. Our management team will leverage its expertise to optimize technology solutions, operational execution, and performance excellence to ensure the mutual success of Assured Document Management and our clients.