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Agreement between Assured Document Destruction, Inc. (“Assured”) and “Client” takes effect the date that the order is placed or when the “client” receives the shipping containers, whichever comes first:

  • Performance. Services by “Assured” will be conducted in a professional manner in accordance with NAID ethics, standards and practices.
  • Containers. Containers are provided free of charge as part of the service and remain the property of “Assured”. “Client” is reasonably expected to return the containers or agrees to cover the cost to repair or replace.
  • Non-Recyclable and/or Hazardous Materials. “Client” agrees not to place any trash or hazardous materials in containers. “Assured” may charge additional fees for sorting garbage and pass any fees incurred for disposal or for handling of materials other than agreed upon materials.
  • Confidentiality. “Assured” agrees to hold all confidential material in trust for the sole purpose of destruction and shall not be disclosed to any third party.
  • Certificate of Destruction. “Assured” will provide “Client” a Certificate at the time of each service authenticating the document destruction process. Additionally a DVD of the process will be provided.
  • Recycling/Disposal. “Assured” will recycle or otherwise dispose of all “Client’s” shredded materials.
  • Time to Present Claims. “Client” agrees to present any claim in writing to “Assured” as soon as arisen and in no case later than three months after the occurrence of the event. Arbitration of any claim or dispute relating to this agreement that cannot be resolved within thirty days by the parties shall be resolved by submission to binding arbitration. Services and payment for same will continue during any arbitration proceeding.
  • Liability. “Assured’s” maximum liability for any and all claims shall be equal to or less than aggregate amounts paid by “Client” during the six months preceding the event giving rise to any claim. “Assured” shall not be held liable for the release or loss of any materials deposited in the containers unless release or loss is due to “Assured’s” negligence or willful misconduct. Assured Document Destruction, Inc. (Assured) guarantees the complete destruction of all drives received. Assured carries professional liability insurance. All cases will be opened for the 1st time on camera while speaking to the contact that placed the order. Assured is only responsible for materials that have been delivered and accepts no responsibility while the materials are in transit.
  • Miscellaneous. This agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties concerning the subject matter of this agreement and is binding to the parties, their successors, assigns or other representatives to the agreement as well as to any new or additional client locations. If any provision is held invalid, the other provisions will remain in full force and effect. The agreement will be interpreted under the laws of the state in which it is executed.