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Assured Document Management has been able to give our customers the competitive edge through state-of-the-art technology, unprecedented security and quick response services. Recently we were able to save a Las Vegas based law firm over 30% on their record storage, as they had been storing them in a self storage facility. As you can imagine that environment was dusty, dirty, boxes collapsing and virtually destroyed because they were piled so high without the proper shelving. The firm’s ever expanding growth of paper documents, while maintaining accessibility, compliance and security, was calling for a smarter solution. By outsourcing their records management and storage to Assured, they now store their records in an organized environment with complete accuracy and accountability. They have also reduced their labor costs and improved efficiency. This has helped them to meet the retention and compliance requirements, but more importantly has allowed them to focus on their clients. We understand the important requirement the firm has for easy, accurate and rapid access to their stored records by authorized personnel. This is a critical aspect to the nature of their business. Our electronic bar-coding system has provided them the ability to identify and categorize their records by file or by box, making retrievals more efficient for the firm.